France: Oui

paris When I was roughly 11-years-old, a friend and I found a stack of nudie magazines near the dirt bike trails by the highway. I remember to this day that one of them was called “O-U-I” and that’s how we said it, as if you were saying “F-B-I” or “C-I-A.” It would be at least […]


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Barcelona: Not “Barthelona”

barcelona “What are all those flags I keep seeing?” you may ask yourself upon arriving in Barcelona – if, like me, you didn’t read much about it before you arrived. They hang straight down off of balconies all over the city. Yellow with red stripes, a blue pennant at the top end, a white star […]

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The Balearic & Tyrrhenian Seas

ferry fun After spending two full days somewhere, I start putting serious thought into what the next town will be. Then it’s time to check flights everywhere, train schedules or, as was the case in Barcelona, the ferry schedule to North Africa or Rome. The following evening, I was boarding a huge ferry boat/small cruise […]

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Philosophically Speaking

athens Finding the subway from baggage claim was challenging. Turns out, Greek people almost exclusively speak one language that isn’t English. In spite of my tendency to play the rube on these outings, the truth is, I get a thrill out of putting myself in perilous situations where I don’t know anyone, where I’m going, […]

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Bulgaria. No… just… no

If you took Des Moines, Iowa, bombed it, took away everyone’s Prozac, supplied them with only beets and sporadically functioning electricity then added 100,000 gypsies, you’d have Sofia, Bulgaria.  My first thought at the train station was, ‘I’m most definitely going to be kidnapped, murdered and my organs harvested.’  “Happy-go-lucky” is not a term I […]

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[Ignore the dateline, this was actually published today, Sept. 9, 2020. Making me interact with computers is like making Shoshanna have strudel with Hans Landa.] For 40 Euro, you can take a delightful 90-minute ICE (fast train) ride from Leipzig to Berlin. Or you can be a dumbass and try to save a few bucks […]

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