Bulgaria. No… just… no

If you took Des Moines, Iowa, bombed it, took away everyone’s Prozac, supplied them with only beets and sporadically functioning electricity then added 100,000 gypsies, you’d have Sofia, Bulgaria.  My first thought at the train station was, ‘I’m most definitely going to be kidnapped, murdered and my organs harvested.’  “Happy-go-lucky” is not a term I […]


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Leipzig: A Hidden Gem

While in Vienna, I decided Leipzig, Germany would be the next stop; I’d never been to Saxony (or knew what Saxony was) and my Leipzig research promised some interesting experiences. One of BMW’s plants is in Leipzig as is Europe’s DHL hub, so they’d likely have some swank establishments for me not to visit. Also, […]

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[Ignore the dateline, this was actually published today, Sept. 9, 2020. Making me interact with computers is like making Shoshanna have strudel with Hans Landa.] For 40 Euro, you can take a delightful 90-minute ICE (fast train) ride from Leipzig to Berlin. Or you can be a dumbass and try to save a few bucks […]

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…And The Dutch

This is Siard (SeaYard). He’s blunt, thoughtful and curious. Yes, that’s a strange and wonderful combination of things in this day and age. I’d met a lovely couple in Calgary and while visiting them in Harderwijk, Netherlands, I met this young man, wise beyond his years. Of his many hobbies and talents, he’d elected to […]

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