…And The Dutch

This is Siard (SeaYard). He’s blunt, thoughtful and curious. Yes, that’s a strange and wonderful combination of things in this day and age. I’d met a lovely couple in Calgary and while visiting them in Harderwijk, Netherlands, I met this young man, wise beyond his years. Of his many hobbies and talents, he’d elected to share his songwriting abilities while on an American visit. The museums of D.C. just weren’t enough to keep his attention, so he detoured to Nashville, rented a studio and had me write some lyrics and record a voice track for an EDM song. 

The entire experience was fascinating and rewarding, he’s got an excellent ear and ability to capture – in his direction – what he wants to hear from a musician or vocalist. From the first day of writing to the last day of recording, the song morphed into something we were both proud of, and from something I didn’t completely understand into something I helped shape via Siard’s generosity and honesty.

Siard’s knowledge and understanding of U.S. history is frightening in its breadth and by comparison. We should all be as interested in the history of our own country as one Dutchman proved to be. He and I share a love of anti-humor and a deep appreciation of how incredibly funny the world is and how bewildering and lackluster the Johnny Cash museum turned out to be. 

In a librarian and musician from The Netherlands, I’ve found someone who just might enjoy dive bars and dislikes unanswered questions as much as I. He travels light, takes excellent photographs, asks a lot of questions about everything around him and is living walking proof that the world, with all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, is still a beautiful place. Cheers, Siard, don’t put up with bullshit.